This past year has been quite an eventful year for us personally. It started off with some uncertainty. It has been a year that has brought joy, faith, change, sadness, pain, anger, stress, happiness, trust, unwavering love and support from others. It has opened my eyes to a lot, maybe more than any other year.


Creatively, 2012 has been a year where I decided to follow whatever interested me, and at my own pace. That worked really well considering the above emotions that we experienced and having three small children in my care.  It was a year where I created for pure joy, mostly for my family, instead of any other reason. In six months since I launched Rajovilla, I have shared 58 posts and built a small portfolio, not bad. That was a goal of mine, to actually post here somewhat frequently and to build a creative space of my work. And to enjoy it, and I do.


I was asked many times by family and friends what I was focusing on with this blog and portfolio.

What are your goals? What is the purpose? Do you want to become a blogger?

And each time, I would try to answer that question. And to be honest, I think my only goal when I began Rajovilla, was to document and share in my own space.

I know that I continuously create, it is a passion of mine, a talent of mine and it always has been since I was a young girl. I am exactly who I was at the age of 5. So, what I do know is that as I continue to create, design, make, craft, sew, paint, photograph and cook- I am documenting it. For who? For what? Well, for me first. I am doing this for my sons, my husband and myself. And then after that, time will tell.

I know that other creatives will understand when I say that sometimes you just keep creating and journaling, not knowing the end result, but believing that it has purpose and meaning. That is where I am at. I enjoy sharing what I love about making something or about Montessori or what I have learned through having children with food allergies. I love sharing the small moments that we cherish in our house. I love taking photographs (hubby bought me a new camera, so watch out!) and writing down my recipes. I have a book full of notes and ideas to share.


Although I have thoroughly enjoyed Facebook (and other social media outlets) and catching up with long lost acquaintances (ha), I think my time is better spent elsewhere. I would like to spend more time here building my own space reflecting my projects and the cherished time I spend with my family. Maybe I need to stop over thinking when I go to write posts, with questions like: what do I write? When I know that my strength is what I made and that I document best through images. Maybe it is okay to just post the photographs that I so deeply love without much written word. I would post more often if I adopted that principle.

Thank you to those of you who visit Rajovilla, and for your positive energy.

2012 has been eye opening, self reflective and emotional. Ready to channel all of that into something amazing in 2013.




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