The two year old wanted in on the holiday paper crafting, so I put together something simple for him.


Supplies: 2 sheets of paper (same size), paints or crayons (we used his new Do-A-DOT paints), scissors and a glue stick.


Take one piece of paper and cut into a paper tree shape. The best way to do this is fold paper in half, then draw with pencil one side of a Christmas tree and cut out. It should remain the approximate height of the original piece of paper. Next, use your glue stick to adhere the center spine of the tree on the back of the cut out to the other piece of paper. The tree should only be attached now down the middle.

Let your toddler paint, draw and “decorate” the tree. They can freely decorate the tree and go outside the tree cut out onto the back paper. After your toddler is finished, allow the art work to dry. To finish your tree, fold the back piece of paper on each side behind tree forming a triangle stand. We used a little glue on the back seam to make the stand stay neat.

What I love about this is that it can “stand up” like a real tree with dimension. This makes it easy for the toddler to “see” the tree form and realize what they just made. The other great thing is this craft uses supplies you probably already have!

Another idea is to send this craft pre-folded in the mail to Grandma or someone who lives away. This will allow the decoration to mail flat. They can enjoy the child’s tree set up in their home.


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