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It is no secret that I drink a lot of coffee. I always have a mug in hand and if you want to know my FAVORITE coffee, this is it. I also love tea. I come from a family of tea drinkers, naturally, and my husband has joined in- loving the British/Indian style with a splash of milk. I started noticing my 2 year old, mimicking us by sipping out of his cup, blowing to cool it off and stirring it with a small spoon. Soon he was asking me to join him on the kitchen floor (“sit ma! new drink, hot”) to sip cups together. He wanted water to pour, and the next thing you know we were having daily tea time picnics together. I would spread a kitchen towel, he would place random juice glasses down and ask to pour water in my cup. In my mind, I immediately thought I need to get him a tea set! I started to look around and as you probably know, most tea sets are very pink and purple with princesses, not our aesthetic. I started to give up when my sister (Aunt Marisha to the boys) came home for the holidays and brought my 2 year old his very own tea set. Wooden and simple, and yes pink. It came with sugar cubes and wooden tea bags. We were all in love. She apologized that it was “pink” but the design made up for the lack of color options. Pink it will be then.

Oh I have ideas about a more gender neutral set… or a color neutral set. Which has me thinking about my oh so lovely coffee date this morning, why does everything have to always be pink? Even for girls? It is funny, I get stopped all the time and people think my 2 year old is a girl, I guess because of the way he is dressed (no sport motifs and skulls) ? But if he were a girl, wouldn’t he be in pink to follow all of the mass, gender marketing? Here he is in a green, shawl-collar sweater handmade from family in India. And he is looking so absolutely adorable sipping his hot tea.

A coffee date with a friend followed by a tea date with this little one. Yes I am most definitely caffeinated, warm and happy.

*Note: I do like pink in many shades in many ways, like my Rajovilla logo. No hard feelings pink.