Baby Nursery Watercolor Prints

The #creativemamas are celebrating two of our favorite mamas-to-be today with a virtual surprise baby shower: Lacy from Living on Love and Carla from Small + Friendly ! These two mamas are some of the most creative, caring and lovely women I have met. I am so happy to be celebrating with them in some small way, even from afar. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE BABIES. Have you seen my crazy amounts of pins for my baby board?? And my youngest is three, I know. So, I... Read The Rest →


When I first heard about the #BoldBrilliantBeautiful project from Amy of This Heart of Mine, I immediately wanted to participate. And then some inner thoughts took precedence over my initial excitement to be more bold and be more of me, and I questioned everything. But you know what, I am ready to quiet the negative voices that have been holding me back from trying new things, from being true to my passions, for being ME. Some of these voices are from people I know (some I know very well) who... Read The Rest →


  Happy New Year! I’m going to start off 2014 with sharing some fall photos. I know they are not as relevant as they might have been when it was fall back in October, but really only the foliage is not relevant to the current season. What is very relevant for me is reflecting on our fall season together as a family. And I am really thankful that I stayed so very present and focused on my boys and husband over the last few months even if that meant falling... Read The Rest →

Kipper the Dog, DIY Birthday Decor

Kipper the Dog Birthday Brunch Decor I love a sit down dinner (or brunch in this case) because of its intimate nature and the ability for everyone (including the cook) to sit down together. Even if it means squeezing in an extra table from storage into our dining room. For mismatched tables and chairs, I look to simple tablecloths or a runner to tie them together. For the Kipper party, I decided to add blue and white stripes (if you watch the cartoon or read the books, there is quite... Read The Rest →

Kipper the Dog Birthday Brunch

My youngest, my baby, turned three last week. It is so bittersweet the third time around. Has this really concluded our decade of having a baby or toddler? I was not emotional at any other birthday (other than their actual birth days) until now. Oh yes, I have shed some serious tears. It sounds cliche, but I waited my entire life to have a baby, (or babies) and ten years well they just. flew. by. too. fast. Ok, enough of the sappy mommy talk. So, we had a party, a... Read The Rest →

A Few Favorite Things

  A few amazing creations for the little ones in your life. The true gems of Instagram are the amazing makers I am introduced to through a collection of shared images. I love the attention to detail behind these brands and the quality is so worth it.  A few of these we have and love and the others are on our wish list or to gift list! What are you coveting lately? Clockwise from top middle: handmade bear by Polka Dot Club, toy camera by Twig Creative, Stripe Tee by... Read The Rest →


Anything involving water never gets old and tiresome, according to a toddler. This simple Montessori exercise increases coordination, motor skills and concentration. A simple practical life skill that can be altered in a few ways with different supplies. I typically choose one of the following: eye dropper, baster, sponge or  small pitcher for the transferring of the water from one bowl to another. The sponge is also there to clean up any drops of water on the work table. I like to follow the Montessori method by demonstrating the lesson... Read The Rest →

More Leaves, and Sticks

Ah October! Are you sick of my leaf photos yet? If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am really, really loving the fall leaf collection my little ones have put together. If there is one single moment that I could freeze of this age, two and a half almost three years old, it would be our walks together hand in hand through our neighborhood. It is just so sweet, you can’t help but want to stop in your tracks and just stare at the beauty of childhood.... Read The Rest →


Our tree out front has the most beautiful leaves in the fall! They look like they have been watercolor painted don’t you think?  After collecting a few, I was inspired to paint them in my journal. My little one is by my side most days while the older two are at school. So this past week on a rainy day, I set up a watercolor leaf “canvas” for him to paint with me. WATERCOLOR LEAVES, SIMPLE ART FOR TODDLERS Supplies: rainy day (optional) leaves collected outside 2 sheets of watercolor... Read The Rest →


Summer break has been winding down for our family and we spent the last week or so relaxing with each other at home, when we were not at the soccer field. Little things to enjoy around here: garden roses, a bouncy ball, my nightstand with surprise little notes, lounging on mom’s bed and my reading chair.

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